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Plum Creek Village Homeowners Association


The Carmel Board of Zoning Appeals (BZA) met on November 28th, 2005 to hear the Carmel Clay School’s petition to change the parameters of the special use variance which they granted the School on April 25th, 2005 for the property at 126th and River Road, i.e. “The Soccer Fields”.


The School explained to the BZA that the original placement location of the 6 soccer fields south of the creek (on the 126th Street side of the property) would have required them to remove approximately nine acres of woods/trees.


Subsequent to their original plans and the April 25th granting of their requested variance, the Department of Natural Resources has stipulated to the School that for every tree they remove, they will have to replace it with 2.5 trees.  This amounts to about 23 acres of trees that the School would have to plant (somewhere, not necessarily on School property) in order to place the 6 fields as originally planned.  The expense of this requirement now makes the placement of the 6 fields as originally planned, financially prohibitive.  The School therefore requested that the configuration and placement of the 6 fields be changed to permit their placement in the southwestern portion of the property (as originally planned) however in such a manner as to eliminate the need to remove any woods/trees.  The new configuration requested by the School was to have two parallel rows of three fields, running long-ways, east to west between River Road and the property line of the Plum Creek Ridge subdivision.  The short story as to the resolution of the School’s request is…the BZA granted the School’s request to reconfigure the placement of the 6 fields.


The net effect of this modification to this variance of the property is the following:


· The 6 soccer fields will be about 100 yards closer to 126th Street.

· The parking lots will be placed along 126th Street, between the soccer fields and 126th Street, and no further onto the property than required to clear the property line and landscaping area along 126th.  (There was no discussion on the subject of eliminating the requirement for all parking lots to be curbed.)

· The permanent utility building will be placed at the east end of the parking lots.

· No changes were made to the proposed landscaping of the original plan.

· No changes were made to the scheduled and/or authorized use of the fields.


As a side note … The School announced to the BZA that the planned use of the grounds north of the creek (north of creek, west of River Road and south of 131st Street) has been abandoned.  Which is to say, there is not now planned any use of that portion of the property by the School or the Carmel Dad’s Club.  Restated, after the School and Carmel Dad’s Club got the variance to use the property for soccer fields, they decided not to invest the money to develop the grounds.  For what it was going to cost, there was not going to be enough return (use) on the property.  You may view and/or print a copy of the as built plans for the soccer fields, here.



Current Operations

The Carmel Clay Schools and the Carmel Dad’s Club negotiated with our Association in the Spring of 2009 to modify and increase the amount of usage of the soccer complex (days, dates and hours).  The School’s Board of Directors and the Carmel Board of Zoning Appeals each approved these changes to become effective April 13, 2009.


The present Modifications and Commitments document is available below:




Dated:  4-13-2009



Each year, at soccer season’s end, the Carmel Dad’s Club meets with our Association to review the year’s operation of the soccer facility.  This forum gives us an opportunity to discuss and surface any operational issues of the facility which may concern our membership (noise, traffic, use, etc.)


The Chairperson of our Neighborhood Committee (and selected members of the Board and/or membership) attend these meetings on our behalf.


If you have any issues, questions or concerns about the operation of the soccer complex, please direct your inquiries to our current Neighborhood Committee Chairperson…  here.

126th Street and River Road Soccer Complex

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