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Plum Creek Village Homeowners Association

Frequently Asked Questions


What affiliation does Plum Creek Village have with the Plum Creek

Country Club / Golf Course?


We have no direct affiliation with the golf course or country club.

Our relationship is that of neighbors, with adjoining properties. 

Residents of Plum Creek Village have no rights of use of the golf

course that are not also offered to the general public.




Are residents of Plum Creek Village allowed to use the swimming



The swimming pool is owned and operated by the Plum Creek

Golf Club.  Plum Creek Village residents do not have any

inherent rights of use of this facility.  However, the Golf Club

offers Plum Creek Village homeowners the opportunity to

purchase a membership.  More...




How is snow removal handled in our subdivision?


Plum Creek Village is within the city limits of Carmel and therefore

snow removal is handled by the Carmel Street Department.  To visit their website and read their policies on the

subject, Click Here


Each resident is responsible for clearing their own driveways,

walks and sidewalks in front of and along their property lines, as

well as access to their mailboxes.




How do I properly dispose of household hazardous chemicals

and/or materials such as lawn chemicals, surplus paint, oil,

insecticide, medical sharps, etc.?


The City of Carmel operates a Household Hazardous Waste

Program which permits local residents to drop off just about any

type of hazardous materials that might be found around the

home.  To visit their website, Click Here.




As a member of the Plum Creek Village Homeowners Association,

I pay annual dues.  How much are the dues?  How do I pay

them?  And what sorts of things are my dues used for?


Membership assessment amounts (dues) may vary from year

to year. Current assessment amounts and payment information is

available HERE   Some of the customary expenses are: common

area upkeep including:  mowing, fertilizer, plants, spot & security

lighting, flagpole & flag maintenance and common area property

taxes.  Liability insurance.  Stationary, postage and general office

supplies.  Post office box rental.  Website hosting fees, etc.




How may I obtain a copy of the Plum Creek Village Homeowners

Associations covenants and by-laws?


You may view and/or print a copy of the covenants and by-laws on

this website.  Click Here.




How is trash removal handled in the village and when is trash day?


The City of Carmel is responsible for trash removal.  Details of this service are available on the City’s website… here.




I would like to make changes to my home / property ... what do I

need to do?


There is a formal process by which you may apply to obtain the

necessary approval for any exterior improvements, design,

appearance or use change to your property.  The details of this

process are available here.


Note:  You do not have to seek approval to maintain or replace

any existing approved exterior condition. For example, you don’t

need approval to repaint your home the same color, but you would

need approval for a different color.




Are there any requirements or restrictions regarding exterior

lighting or the lighting fixtures I may have on my property?


Yes.  Requirements for exterior lighting and specifically dusk to

dawn exterior lighting are specified in the Association’s

Declaration of Restrictions, as well as the approved /

standardized lighting fixtures, make and models.  For dusk to

dawn lighting fixtures details click here.




Are there any restrictions on when trash cans may be placed at the curb for collection?


Yes.  Receptacles for debris, trash, rubbish or garbage shall be stored in the garage or an “approved” outside location that is screened from view from any street within the Development at all times, except the evening before and the day refuse collection is scheduled.  “Evening” is defined as sometime after 6pm the day before scheduled collection.