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Plum Creek Village Homeowners Association

Replacement Roof Shingles

Dated:  June 29, 2019

In response to homeowner’s request, the Development Control Committee has evaluated and approved roofing shingles with the objective of providing homeowners the option to select shingles based on different wind resistance, product warranty, and price while maintaining the appearance in harmony with other houses in Plum Creek Village.


Current Approved Shingles List:









Note: The following previously approved shingles have been manufacturer discontinued: Owens Corning, Prominence AR, Oakridge Pro 30, and Oakridge Pro 40; and CertainTeed, Hearthstead.


If a homeowner prefers to use a different shingle from those listed above

they should submit an Architectural Appeal Application to the Development Control Committee along with three full shingle samples. It is expected that

the alternative shingle will be a close appearance match to the approved



Click here for a copy of the Architectural Appeal Application form.


Click here for a copy of all Association approved materials.


If you have any questions regarding this subject, please contact:


Development Control Committee Chairperson
Steve Woolard
Tel:  (765) 730-9009
Email:  Stevenhwoolard@gmail.com

Some history about roof shingles in Plum Creek Village

Plum Creek Village - Lot Map

Homes in this area were originally built using CertainTeed brand shingles.


Manufacturer:  CertainTeed

Warranty:  25 Years

Model / Type:  Hearthstead

Color:  Heatherwood

These shingles have been

manufacture discontinued.

Homes in this area were originally built using Owens Corning brand shingles.


Manufacturer:  Owens Corning

Warranty:  30 Years

Model / Type:  Prominence

Color:  Driftwood

These shingles have been

manufacture discontinued.






 Owens Corning



30 Years

70 MPH

 Owens Corning



30 Years

110 MPH



 Weathered Wood

30 Years

70 MPH


 Heritage 30

 Weathered Wood

30 Years

80 MPH