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Plum Creek Village Homeowners Association

The City of Carmel (Street Department) is responsible for plowing snow in our community.  However, they have guidelines and rules about when and where they salt and/or plow.  For details about the City’s polices … click here.


Medalist Parkway is designated by the City as a secondary street and St. Armands Circle and Marco Point are designated as tertiary

(a nice way of saying “last”).


The Association does not propose to undertake the primary snow removal operation in the Village.  This is the responsibility of the City of Carmel (your tax dollars at work).  The Association has in the past augmented the City’s effort by hiring independent contractors for a limited amount of snow removal on St Armands Circle and Marco Point, in what might be called emergency situations.  Nonetheless, the Association is not currently mandated to provide snow removal services of any sort.


If in the opinion of the Board of Directors a response by the Association is

warranted to augment the City’s snow removal efforts, the rule of thumb is:


1. The City has already plowed Medalist Parkway.

2. There is a significant amount of snow on the ground. Generally at least 6+ inches, blowing, drifting, etc.

3. It is apparent that the City will be “significantly delayed” in clearing

     St Armands Circle & Marco Point.


The definition of “significantly delayed” is subjective, but may be generally interpreted to mean a few days delay.  Before we react we would check with the City to determine their expected response time.


Situations that are above and/or beyond the limits of the above description would be dealt with (if at all) on an adhoc basis and as our budget might permit.  If the Association decides to respond, there is no guarantee that we will be able to secure the service of a contractor before the City might get to us.


Bottom line… The City of Carmel is responsible to plow snow in the Village.  The Association may attempt to provide limited (emergency) snow removal service, after the City has been given a reasonable amount of time to respond.


NOTE:  As stated in our covenants, each resident of Plum Creek Village is responsible for clearing their own driveways and required to clear the walks and sidewalks along their property lines, as well as clearing access to their mailboxes.


The following private contractors have been referred to us by Village residents for snow removal services.  Use their services at your own discretion.  (List updated December, 2016)



Impact Land Management

Tel:  (317) 755-9223

Mike Jackson, owner

5914 Sandalwood Drive 

Website:  http://www.impactlandmgmt.com/


Uses snow blower, not blade.


*     *     *


Gregg Dykstra

Tel:  (330) 257-9530

12602 Double Eagle Drive

Carmel, IN 46033

Email:  gregory_dykstra@yahoo.com


Uses snow blower, not blade.


*     *     *


Stephenson's Pro Lawn Care

Tel:  (317) 844-2194
255 Park 32 Drive West
Noblesville, IN
Prolawns@ hotmail.com

$30. For snow removal, starting when 2" of snow.
Uses only snow blower and hand shoveling - no blades.


*     *     *


Patrick Landscaping

Contact:  Bonnie (317) 818-4582

Lawn maintenance, snow removal, leaf removal.


*     *     *


Snow Removal in the Village