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Home exterior appearance

upgrades or changes.


If you are planning an architectural change or exterior improvement to your property, please submit your request prior to having any work done.


Committee approval is required before making any maintenance, modifications, improvements or additions that change the appearance of the exterior of structures, driveways, sidewalks, and screening.  This includes - but is not limited to - paint colors, building materials, awnings, roofing, certain landscaping, exterior lighting, mailboxes, etc.


Details and appropriate forms are available here.

#3  Caporale Post

If your mailbox or post have seen better days…approved replacements are available at:


 Mailbox Solutions

(317) 460-1010


Click on the mailbox for details.

Need information about your roof shingles?


Click on the house below for all the details

about roofing shingles in Plum Creek Village.

If you are planning to have satellite / dish TV installed, our Declaration of Restrictions specifies that our Development Control Committee will require that the antenna (dish) be placed in a location, or screened, to minimize the visual effect from any street or other homeowners, provided this doesn't result in unreasonable delay or cost, or prevent the antenna from receiving an acceptable signal.


For more information, click here.

Satellite Dish Antennas

Snow Removal in the Village

Click HERE

Click on pictures for details.

Need replacement

outside light fixtures?


View the authorized exterior

dusk to dawn light fixtures

and place your order.

9784PB - Outdoor Wall Mount9985PB - Post Mount